The sad old man

Similarly, a human being was considered old after 40 years. For example, in order to take care of a parish priest and the housekeeper had to be at least 40 years, or be a little old lady out of every temptation.  now everything has changed, the stages of life have become different, both for us and for pets .Now a person 40 years of age is considered young and the same is happening for pets. But back to Fitz. It is lively, has no appetite and has the hair rumpled, a clear sign of lack of care on his part, in short, not licks, does the toilet typical daily healthy cats. Her mistress, Jane, almost sixty years old, did not give up the idea that this is caused by the passage of time, otherwise she would be battered, but it is not. And this leads to carefully observe Fitz, without listening to the clichés about old age and the inexorable passage of time.

It is a fundamental observation: Fitz an odor reminiscent of something rotten, or, put in more prosaic terms , it stinks. The mystery deepens, it is true that the old, of all species, often stink. But what is the cause of this? Giovanna takes courage and begins to examine Fitz, which is not very malleable nor manipulated, being an older cat that has suffered various misfortunes in his life has been abandoned, lives with her ​​for only a year and no longer has much faith in humans . But his “new” mistress watching him, gently controls it, it feels, despite the protests and the grunting of the old cat, even smells it, from tail to head, following the path of his fur so neglected. Until it reaches the mouth. It turns out that from there comes the unpleasant smell and probably that is the origin of disorders of the cat, also tries to look at the inside of the mouth but the old man rebels in a decisive way, obviously has a lot of pain, however, sees Joan very reddened gums. At that point called the veterinary clinic of his choice and asks an appointment for a visit.

Fitz is safe to put in the cage and is not troubled much by the short drive. But when it’s time to be visited, irritated, do not agree to be touched, or rather, scrambled, according to him. Therefore it is impossible to do a blood test to check some basic parameters, such as the renal function. What to do? The choice is simple: Fitz so suffers, eats badly and is not happy. Giovanna and veterinary discuss at length. Accept that the situation is inevitable and let it survive in this way is certainly not ideal? Or take a risk and take action? After much consideration, it was decided to intervene, Fitz will be operated. On the morning of the appointed day is brought to the clinic, fasting from the previous midnight. The veterinary soothes him so that we could finally visit, do a blood test, to assess the extent of the problems of the oral cavity and take better decisions. Try therefore the extraction of the teeth that cause pain and removes tartar from all others. The surgical work is not simple, between the teeth to remove there is also an upper canine, which in a carnivore as the cat has a root very thick and long and is well planted in the bone. After the complex operation, expects Fitz wakes up very well from anesthesia and in the afternoon his mistress goes to pick it up, to take him home.

At first, the old man seems a bit ‘dazed, staggering, walking uncertainly. Joan immediately anguish and calls the vet but the answer is “Do not worry, it is normal lurch, perhaps continue to do so until tomorrow.” And remember to administer regularly prescribed the painkiller, while antibiotic coverage in the clinic were injected with a slow-release drug, which lasts 15 days.Because it would be impossible to give Fitz another type of antibiotic, daily or twice daily, given its shady character. The next morning, Fitz begins to move and to nibble on something. The next day, ate with appetite, but not limited to: walking, exploring, salt on chairs, goes on the terrace. It seems reborn. And after a couple of days, Giovanna finds himself in the toilet, or to lick with care the hair everywhere, like a normal cat. It was not sadness, it was toothache.