The escape of Sophie How to search and find a lost cat


Anna Mannucci

One day, the sound of the alarm of the phone Giulia and Stefano get up and go as usual to prepare breakfast. I’m still half asleep but realize immediately that something is wrong, something is missing, indeed: someone is missing. There is Sophie. “Where’s the cat?” They ask each other several times. It is usually the first to arrive in the kitchen with his tail straight and really wants to play.But this morning there is nobody who is strusci on their legs and pretend to get on the table, a hairy creature that also welcomes the awakening harder.


“Where’s Sophie?” And the question is charged with concern. In fact, in “normal” days just before the moment of the alarm the cat, who apparently knows exactly what time it is, he begins to lick his nose and nibble the hair of his masters. This morning he did not. They call it, shake the box of the dry, open a can of her food, noises that are always rushing as if it were really hungry. But it does not arrive, is not at home. Must be escaped last night, maybe it’s out with friends who were at dinner, maybe when Stefano went to empty the garbage. Matter of minutes, seconds, for cat owners is automatic quickly close the door. But this time it happened, Sophie has fled.
After the initial reaction of disbelief, despair and go to seek comfort by calling cat lady friend, who immediately urges them to get busy and bathing them with advice, a long and detailed list of things to do. It reassures them: Sophie is nearby, hidden somewhere, you have to look for it, look for never giving for losers, until the discovery, there are many cases of cats found after 40 days, but even after two months or more. Sophie obviously is sterilized, so do not risk pregnancies. Giulia has to go to work, Stefano, however, can take a day off and start the search, start with a tour of the condominium stairs and into the courtyard, calling her name and asking everyone he meets if they saw a cat. Word of mouth is key.
Then, following the directions of the expert cat lady, goes to the preparation of flyers with a picture of Sophie, the place and date of disappearance, phone numbers. Hundreds and hundreds of flyers, A4 and A3, with white or colored background. Attacks them on the lampposts, the trash cans near the supermarket, next to the garage where you may have slipped, puts them under the windshield wipers of cars and in mailboxes, around the neighborhood, everywhere, but only where, do not disturb and without covering other ads. After asking permission, it lets the baker in the various shops, newsstands, bars. Everyone in the area, they must know the search for Sophie.
Late at night and early in the morning, when we are quiet and little noise, Julia and Stephen fight every inch of the surroundings and call their pussy, looking under parked cars, bushes, in every possible hiding place. On these occasions, they encounter many dogs walking with their owners and inform them of the death of the cat. At other times, warn the children playing in the gardens.Another category are valuable veterinarians, who often are points of reference for these problems.After a week, when you already are discouraging, a call comes in: a person who has seen a cat similar to that of the leaflets in a courtyard adjacent to that of the owners Sophie. They rush to try, but to no avail. A few days pass, another phone call that signals the same yard, the cat has been seen by some children. Apparently Sophie remained hidden for several days, then began to move.Another shipment of control that leads to an important discovery: there are other cats and a person who is dealing with, you have to understand who he is and involve the administration of the dinner takes place at 20.30 every night. Giulia and Stefano try in vain to find this person and at the end, it took several more days, they will agree with a tenant gentle and make open the gate at 20.25. And they see to get the focus of a special rite, nutrition cats free. They expected an old ugly and neglected, see get a stylish young woman who calls his appeal protected. Which I come running, coming from urban mysterious gorges, and among them is Sophie! Giulia weeps for joy, “Sophie, come from the mother.” Grabbing the fugitive and returned home, his owners are also a little ‘upset, almost jealous, the cat is all happy but does not show that he suffered pain or discomfort or lack of his “adoptive parents”. The next morning is brought by the veterinary confirms the excellent state of health. The same evening, when he sees the open door of the house, Sophie rushes toward the exit, immediately blocked by Stefano. No trauma, no fear, the bold cat is fine.
The next day, Julia writes on all the leaflets were left with a big red marker: “Gatta found!”, an invitation to optimism for everyone.