The cat was not spiteful


Anna Mannucci

A few days ago Ivano has become spiteful. What is this new his “spiteful”? In doing occasionally pee outside her litter box, place officially appointed to this function. Veterinarians call it “inappropriate elimination” and it is a defect common among cats living in the home (especially because it is not identifiable in those living outside, free, and therefore no one checks where espletino this physiological function …).


Read the opinion of the veterinary

“From what I remember – and tell his owners, Cynthia and Savior – began shortly after we were on vacation for a long weekend, when we brought him and the children by their grandparents in the country. The next morning they return home we found small patches of urine in the bathroom, on the floor next to his litter box. We thought that in Ivano sorry he was back in the apartment, after a walk in the woods. ” The bosses have reacted by intensifying pampering in Ivano to show their affection, so that he did not feel neglected. But the cat does not seem to incorporate their message and again for three / four consecutive days ago many small patches of pee in the wrong place.
masters then I think to change the type of litter and they feel various types, caking and non-caking, white , gray, scented and unscented. In vain, the situation does not change. Ivano is six years old and is neutered, so its “elimination liquid” is very different from that of his fellow unsterilized, which in computer jargon is that Cat Person veterinarian is called “whole”, ie the testes working. And just a whole inevitably male cat peeing in inappropriate places (not suitable from the point of view of humans, of course), because “spray”.
What does “spray”? The cat is straight on all four legs, very focused on himself, raises his tail and holds it straight, and almost trembling with the back of the body and the tail, sprinkles, emits small amounts of urine that is very fragrant (or very smelly, depending on your point of view), on vertical surfaces. In this way leaves a mark, his signature sprayed on objects (which may include, in addition to the walls and furniture of the house, even the bosses) because his urine is full of hormonal messages and is full of information for his fellow man.
Instead Ivano is sterilized and pee lies down and does not intend to mark their territory, but in recent days several times and strives with difficulty emits only small amounts of urine. And the night after accomplishes this in several places on the kitchen floor. The owners are beginning to be very disturbed. “What will Ivano? What have we done wrong? “. They insist with the pampering and buy some new toys, mice, balls, sticks adorned with feathers, Ivano is happy, playing, but at night he pees on the couch, the much-loved couch. At that point, Cynthia and Savior can not take anymore, ranging from veterinary medicine and their claim that the cat is visited by an expert in feline behavior (popularly called the “psychologist of cats.”)
But now the veterinary says: “First of all it is necessary to make a medical examination and urinalysis Ivano. ”
Result: The cat is suffering from a disease of the lower urinary tract, idiopathic cystitis, a very painful condition quite common especially in male cats, often triggered by stressful events that produce an altered response of the nervous and endocrine systems. The poor Ivano most likely was troubled by the drive, which was not used, and the holiday in a home that did not know. His body had “reacted” with cystitis.
The analysis of urine associated with a thorough veterinary examination allows to prescribe the proper care, which consists of various types of drugs and medicated specific foods, precisely prescribed by the veterinarian. Administered for the right time, help to keep the problem under control. Ivano was not spiteful, suffered . For him pee-as it does to humans with cystitis-had become a pain, trying to soothe using various surfaces, assuming that the litter would cause the noise. Taken care of in the proper manner, he returned to using his litter box. And to feel good.