Screen Grab – Simon’s Cat

Screen Grab – Simon’s Cat

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25 comments on “Screen Grab – Simon’s Cat

  1. I didn’t know that ( I usually connect high eye frame rates with insects ). BTW, LCD panels are perhaps more convenient for them, because I saw cats chasing the cursor on a notebook computer. Then I think a CRT television should be a real torture for cats 😀 .

  2. Oddly enough, in real life most cats don’t like watching television because their eyes have a higher frame rate than ours. Thus to them a video just looks like a slideshow of sorts.

  3. oh my god, I am so glad I have a dog and not a cat… If a Cat broke my TV like that I think I’ll be getting some new gloves or slippers

  4. @ Penny Travis:
    You are absolutely right ! Living without 1 or more cats would be, well, just boring.
    Btw. Cindy cat sends you a big & loud "Mrrroawaaww" ! Yes, she can talk (in Cattish) & is a very nice cat – mind you – _after_ she had a luxurious cat meal… 😉
    Not unlike "Simon’s Cat"…

  5. Yes. It is said that dogs have owners and cats have staff. 😀  It’s that way with our cat Reeces :)

  6. My cat Cindy sometimes (ab)used my smartphone, she really likes rodents & birds sounds in the animal sounds app.
    And, of course, as she runs the place, since I am her butler… 😉
    Very, very smart beasties, cats…

  7. tip: Never leave the remote on the floor and keep nature chanles blocked when cats are alone.

  8. fyi, the first comment that you’ve been sort of protecting said "daf*ck gringo comments doin at the top?!" -_-

  9. 99% of the time when someone say "English please" they’re not asking for a translation. They’re DEMANDING English; more politely than most, but still demanding. If that wasn’t the case then it is my mistake But if that was the case, the commenter should have made his comment clearer. We all know how writing on the ‘net can be misunderstood unless you’re very specific…

  10. cool man like it how long you do one of these? and like your like name too.:) later simon.