Scared Siamese Kitten…SUPER CUTE!!

Scared Siamese Kitten…SUPER CUTE!!

Izzy (Lynx Point Siamese) was playing, when the fake kitten scared her. I love it when she meows at it. :)

24 comments on “Scared Siamese Kitten…SUPER CUTE!!

  1. Aww, he’s got puffy tail! My cat does that when he’s scared too, or when he is chasing the dogs, either way, it’s adorable!

  2. Awwwwwwwh Sooooooo cute!!!!!!! BTW i herd you whispering get off LOL!!!! Like if you heard too.

  3. Ok, this definitely is one of the damn Cutest kitteh videos on the web! What a gorgeous little Lynx Point you have, she should be almost 6 y/o now, do you still have her? Sure hope so, she should be a gorgeous cat.

  4. *little girl voice* oh my god! look at it’s little paws! its so little! 3ojk a hahah

  5. i love the tiny squeak, its like she’s saying "im not afraid of you!" to the stuffed animal

  6. she keeps posing sideways, cause thats how cats show that their bigger than the other cat.. too cute though! :’)