Instructions to find a lost cat


Instructions to find a lost cat

Anna Mannucci

Based on the experiences of others who own both of discovery even after a long time

Even the cats run away from home. You do not think, they seem lazy and indolent. But just a little, a half-open door, an open window, an inviting balcony. And the cat goes away, take the stairs, he threw himself down. It disappears. The boss does not understand why her beloved pet is gone and despairs. But despair is useless, there are many things to do to find him.


never give in, never give up.
Your cat is there, outside, waiting for you.
too, for months, for many months.
He is counting on you.

Update 2011: microcippate your cat!
Since January 2011 he is on the national register feline, recognized by the Ministry of Health.

1) The cat does not go away
is almost a dogma, to keep in mind: the cats runaway does not go away, remain in the area.Obviously we are talking about cats sterilized, otherwise the situation is much more difficult, an uncastrated male can do that too kilometers in search of females. Instead, the neutered cat out of the house randomly, what is not accustomed to walking and unfamiliar with the area, is frightened and as a first response is hiding . Perhaps it is injured or hurt himself, crouches somewhere and stays there, under a car, down a drain, in a sheltered corner. Even for many days.

2) Call it: the voice of the master
is above the master or someone who knows that the cat has to go looking for him. Always calling him by name, gently, without tiring, and in the meantime you have to look under cars, in bushes, in the basement, garages, basements etc.. Every day, more than once a day, even for a month or more, preferably in the quiet hours, when there is too much noise around, the early morning or late evening. For many cats a noise attractive is the box of the dry, can be a good idea to take her with him and shake. Although the cat, scared, did not initially respond to the call and continues to stay hidden, it is hearten hearing the voice of the master. And after some time getting fucked respond.

3) The handwheels
must print, photocopy, at least 200 leaflets with the announcement “lost cat”, even on colored background. To be visible in the chaos of the ads that are springing up everywhere, must be customized. First, with the photograph . And if you do not have a photograph, you search the internet a cat that looks like your (‘s for sure) and put that one. Indispensable then the date of death (it seems incredible, but you read around flyers with no date or written only “two days ago has escaped our cat!”), Two or three features, not more, of the animal, big, minute, green eyes, cutting etc. in the ear. And it takes the phones of reference, not only the phone but also a disk. A person who wants to help can not be discouraged by being forced to call on a mobile phone.

3a) Where attach the flyers: everywhere – everyone in the area, they need to know you are looking for a cat – on walls, light poles, baskets on dell’immondezza, near the garage (the cat may have remained locked inside), in boxes for advertising, but with education. That without covering the ads of others, and without bothering anyone (for example, not on the doors of the house).Without being intimidated. If you can leave someone on vehicles parked.
If I detach them, riattaccateli. Never give up.
Others are worn by veterinarians and flyers, asking permission, they are left in the shops, bakers, newsagents, hardware etc..
The gardens frequented by dogs and children are filled with flyers.

3tris) The reward: the promise of the opinions are different, there are those who are in favor and who is against. However, it should be clear that the money you give to those who find the animal, not who he claims to have seen it.

4) Involve children and dogs
These creatures are low, look to a height that adults do not see, where it is more likely to find a cat. And the dogs have an excellent sense of smell, they can help you a lot. Talk to all dog owners and children, asking kindly cooperation.

5) The happy ending
will end when your cat, it may take days or months, you write, in red, on all the flyers, the good news . Many people are worried and rightly warn them. It is also a communication that drives optimism. And personally thank those who have contacted us. Obviously, if you have promised a reward, pagatela.