Are you aware precisely what is more pleasant compared to a pet cat coming downwards with something necessitates a veterinary visit and medication? A cat coming down with something that requires a vet visit and medication, shortly before you are going to be out of town. And are you aware precisely what is all the more exciting than that? In the event the cat desiring medicine is the kitten that will not allow anybody but me touch her. Sigh.

The kitten in question for this bit of excitement is Checkers, the extremely opinionated tiny tortie who day-to-day lives downstairs from the master package and who refuses to the first step dainty paw outside of the room doorway (her selection absolutely – the entranceway is always available but, properly, let us just point out that she has Concerns by leaving it at that). It started with just some sniffling and sneezing, but since she’s the sort of delicate creature that comes down with at least one cold per year, I know to just keep an eye on it because most of the time it just goes away on its own. Apart from on this occasion, I observed that her still left eyesight was starting to appearance puffy and irritated, and even with spanning all my toes and fingers and leaving it by yourself for a couple of days, it wasn’t getting better. The fact is, it had been receiving a whole lot worse.

So, this afternoon I left work early, dashed home, had an exciting few moments of chasing a furious cat all over the bedroom, was reminded yet again why it is that I am eternally grateful we do not have carpet (as she promptly peed all over the floor to express her extreme displeasure at this entire situation), stuffed the indignant cat into a carrier, cleaned up the floor, and set off to the vet.

The verdict – an eye infection of some kind. The good news is it does not appear that she damaged nearly anything, so it is just a ‘simple’ few pinning her downward and placing droplets into her eyes two times a day. Knowing Checkers I will be lucky to get a full week in before she makes it impossible, though the vet indicated I needed to do it for 10 days. I am just hoping it’s enough, because while I can dose her tomorrow morning, I’m headed out of town for another short work trip, and she’ll miss several doses until I return.

Normally the one gold lining to this is that, when cutting her claws at home requires the a couple of us shut to a restroom, a lot of screaming (on the portion), swearing (on my own portion) and internal bleeding (also on my component), when at the vet, sheer panic transforms her fully docile, and that i was able to take advantage of the hack and situation away from all her fatal weapons. Medicating her above the next 7 days or so is likely to be an array of fun (ha ha! At least now I have a fighting chance of coming out of this only minimal damage and loss of blood, though ).