Giorgia the cat wheel

Anna Mannucci


Giorgia lived on the second floor but fell from the third. Her mistress, Catherine, one day, at lunch time, he heard her call, complain, ask for help. “It will be remained closed in some closet? In the closet? “But Georgia was not predictable in these hiding places.It will be hidden in the flower pots in the balcony? No, not there.The lady even looks down on the sidewalk, on the road, although it can not be dropped, because crying is too close. Search and research, more and more worried …


– Giorgia meanwhile continues to meow – and in the end you decide to look up. And, on the railing of the terrace above her, he sees Georgia. Sitting, almost calm, confident, now that he has met the gaze of the mistress. Instead he panics and asks: but how did you get there? And above all, how to recover it? How to save it? The apartment on the third floor is uninhabited for a long time, now no one remembers who is the owner and we would like to investigate, but no time. Brainstorm: call the fire department! Yes, of course, the official name is Fire, but all of them call firefighters and love them all. Are available, generous, efficient – and usually are also some nice guys – they always do everything they can to help those in need, do not hide behind bureaucracy and job descriptions.Obviously, before the state: “We are trying to save the animal, but we can not care physician, this must think about her.” After a few minutes it is their vehicle, posteggia and raises the platform to get to the top. It’s not just the typical long ladder of the fire, but something much more technological and secure. Giorgia keepeth them, he looks down with doing initially intrigued. But when the fireman, fireman’s outfit, complete with boots and helmet and overalls and sturdy physique, is preparing to enter the balcony, the cat gets scared and runs away. He flees heading horizontally towards the balcony of the apartment next door, clings to paint your nails with rough covering the facade of the building and moves like a skilful free-climbers, at which point Catherine understands how did you get to the balcony of the third floor. So, also the platform and the fireman move to try to reach it. But Giorgia decides to run away again and using the legs as suckers moves away from his rescuers, but did not recognize it as such, until it comes to an end at the edge of the building. He stops, looks down, reflect, calculate its movements and decides to take the plunge.Enlarge the four legs to provide more air resistance and with great posture and soft athlete is thrown. The scream of terror of her mistress was heard throughout the neighborhood, though she assures not to remember. Giorgia sways with great elegance, as dictated by the nature of feline, looks like a flying squirrel and lands very composed and supple on the sidewalk, but immediately run away and hide under one of the cars parked in the street. Which of the many? The lady does not understand, he begins to look for her, but can not find it, it’s too agitated, no longer knows what to do and sitting on the sidewalk crying, now I am 18 and fortunately, after work, come two friends gattofile Catherine, who immediately put themselves to help her. Call, seek, then sneak silently under all machines, until Vincenzina identifies and seizes Georgia. kisses, hugs, emotions, joy, but also a sad consideration: one hind leg is clearly broken, the bone protruding from the skin, or it is a fracture. Immediately we drive from veterinary hospitals for which Giorgia and administering of antibiotics fearing some possible infection, but to operate this type of fracture need a specialist in orthopedics. In veterinary medicine do not officially exist specializations, but there are experts with knowledge and experience in certain sectors; Valentina Galardi is one of them, has great passion and expertise in orthopedics. After the necessary x-rays and blood tests, Dr. Giorgia work, and to ensure that the bones slowly recompose correctly, the application of external fixators made ​​of a biocompatible titanium alloy. In short, around the leg of the pussy is loaded with a complex metal structure which in technical terms is precisely defined “external fixator bilateral and monoplanar.” This structure, which see it almost looks like a modern sculpture, accompanies the healing of bones and therefore should be checked and set-up every two to three weeks. Meanwhile the cat can move, but must avoid risky moves, like jumping from the top , so her mistress disassemble the large library of raw wood shelves that occupied an entire wall of the apartment, on which Giorgia loved to climb and then jump down. Initially the cat goes from veterinary control, or to do x-rays and fine-tune the fixers, every 15-20 days, but the situation does not improve, the bones are strengthened. How come? Dr. Galardi has a hypothesis: that the cat eats the food is inadequate and suggests a solution, give a product of the highest nutritional quality. And finally, it’s been more than two months, Giorgia shooting, the bone tissue begins to rebuild. It took many factors, from the veterinary antibiotics, surgery, x-rays, fixers constantly to be drawn up by the mistress, quality nutrition and the essential good postoperative management, from admission into the cage of the early days to the dismantling of the library. After more than four months, many plates and many minor adjustments and balanced wonderful metal structure, Giorgia healed, her leg is in place and she is doing well. Fixators are removed and, six months later, Catherine reinstall the library and the cat, happy and agile again, it starts to climb, jump on the shelves of untreated wood that are his gym. But the key thing is that the balcony is secured, or totally enclosed, sheltered by a light metal mesh, almost invisible but strong and durable, which protects Giorgia and the other cats from dangerous leaks.