Funny Kitten playing with his mom!!

Funny Kitten playing with his mom!!

Funny kitten is playing with his mom and teasing her. They love each other a lot. Kitten was born on 3rd august 2012. His mom is odd eyed :)

28 comments on “Funny Kitten playing with his mom!!

  1. This is so nice! Thank you for sending me this video! The kitten learns so the difference between real fight and playing! It’s very important!
    Hope your lovely cats are well!

  2. it is a cool video really,, you shoud send it to UN to show those idiots life can be awesome without war and all other fights…

  3. hi all, due to public demand i have changed the background score for this video, please check it out, i hope you guys like it. :-)

  4. Honestly, I haven’t seen one video like this before. This video truly show cats world and their good relationship with each other. It is really enjoyable to watch them to live peacefuly.

  5. I shot this video in my house & our TV was ON that time, so whatever was going on on TV that time became my videos background music 😀

  6. They’re both very playful! Once I’d found a kitten who looked exactly the same with the mother!! I held it in my arms it was so cute! Nice video, very pleasant!

  7. Lovely to watch! To think..- he was once an embryo in her tummy!. This put a smile on ma face. ya kitties are such "cuteseys"(that’s not really a word but it conveys the idea)lol