22 comments on “funny baby and cat

  1. 1:20 " my baby my baby" lmfaooooo <3 so cute.but ya i feel bad for the cat she should be careful their organs are sensitive just like a baby ( cuz their so small)

  2. I don’t usually post defensive comments, but as a baby my parents had a cat whom I am told in addition to cuddling and petting I would every now and again do everything that the baby in the video is doing. As I grew, that stopped and I treated him with love and care–it was reciprocated.

    If the cat had felt threatened he would certainly have shown it by biting and scratching the baby. Clearly, the cat loves the baby and clearly the baby loves the cat. This is NOT a sadistic video.

  3. Lovely!! How do animals differentiate between a baby and an adult? I am sure if this much was done to him by an adult, he would have ran away…

  4. The video is cute but I’m afraid about what’s going to happen to the baby when he/she keeps doing that to the cat

  5. If you think the cat is not bothered by the baby, you don’t know cats very well… It is obvious he doesn’t like it, but he is extremely patient and gentle… The parents are to blame.

  6. OOOOH, Good kitty! you gotta love that. not all cats are so gentle and patient, that’s for sure, but most wouldn’t hurt the baby, most would just avoid the tyke. that’s a special kitty for sure.

  7. los gastos dan una enfermedad a los humanos toxoplasmosis….. pobre bebe . :(